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It feels like yesterday, but a quarter of a century has already passed since ICT Consulting was founded in 1998.

This extraordinary journey began with a strong foundation, built on the scientific and innovative leadership of Prof. Maurizio Decina, the managerial expertise of Ing. Salvatore Randi, and the enthusiasm and technical knowledge of the then ex CTO of CEFRIEL/Politecnico di Milano, Ing. Vittorio Trecordi.

From the very beginning, the newborn ICT Consulting took a prominent role in the Italian telecommunications landscape, which at that time was opening up to completely unexplored scenarios. It was the era of mobile market liberalization and of the Internet boom. Being part of this transformation of the industry was an extremely rewarding and remarkably stimulating experience for our young company. It allowed us to share the pioneering spirit that characterizes newly established entities facing the challenge of starting from scratch during a period of rapid development.


Since then, the tremendous growth of telecommunications networks and information technologies has brought an unprecedented acceleration to the evolution of every sector of human activity, thanks to its intrinsic ability to break down barriers of physical distance and access to information. Over these years, ICT Consulting has been an active agent of change, capable of facilitating the transformations in the economic and social system driven by the revolutionary power of digital technologies. First in Italy and then globally, we have been involved in the birth and evolution of numerous fixed and mobile network operators. We have guided large enterprises and public administrations in the adoption of innovative technological and information paradigms, and we have provided comprehensive support to our clients in the ongoing security challenges posed by an ever-changing environment.


Today, ICT Consulting stands as a unique entity in the strategic consulting sector, with a distinctive “boutique” positioning, thanks to its specialized focus, managerial approach, personalized services, and agility and flexibility in rapidly responding to changing client needs. It is precisely these clients who recognize us for our technical expertise, as well as our ability to understand market trends and effectively guide them in evaluating future prospects.


Thanks to the solid foundations laid in these years, the company has continued to grow and strengthen, resisting periods of global economic crisis, sector consolidation trends, and changes in the ownership structure. As evidence of this, the company’s revenue has been steadily increasing for years, and new industry players are added to our list of historical clients each year. Today, our clients include all major Italian telecommunications companies, international operators, investment funds, networking and digital telephony equipment manufacturers, banks, financial institutions, public administration, insurance companies, and large multinational corporations.


The achievement of these milestones has been made possible by the entry of new driving forces into our ownership structure, such as Ing. Lucarelli and Ing. Soracco, who bring their professionalism, reliability, and the ability to approach challenges with wisdom and method to ICT Consulting.


But the success of ICT Consulting is primarily due to the people – the heart and lifeblood of the company – who put their energy and enthusiasm into it every day, whether by participating in the management of the company or by studying the wonders of new technologies and striving to extract value from them for our clients.


Now, looking to the future, we are ready to tackle the challenges it will bring with determination. Digital technologies continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace, and we will remain at the forefront of this revolution, ready to explore new horizons and innovate constantly. With the same passion and commitment that have defined our history until today, we will continue to grow, prosper, and overcome every challenge that the future presents to us.


Vittorio Trecordi

Founder, Partner, COO, and President of ICT Consulting