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Halfway through 1998 three generations of engineers, Salvatore Randi, Prof. Maurizio Decina and Vittorio Trecordi met in Segrate in order to set up a new consultancy company, with the intention of offering the market their very own experiences and skills – gathered over the years – in information and telecommunications technologies – in manufacturing, services and research sectors.


The opportunity was born out of a juncture of important personal events: Mr Randi had left his position as the CEO of Italtel in order to retire yet intending at the same time to maintain an active professional role – at the very same time the market in Italy for telecommunications was entering into a new era of liberalisation, opening up to scenarios that had until then been completely unexplored that were generating new significant professional opportunities.


From the very beginning, the young ICT Consulting achieved a highly important role in the panorama of Italian telecommunications, supporting new entry operators in the market such as Wind, Infostrada and Tiscali in the starting up of their various industrial plans. Taking part in such processes in the sector at large was a greatly satisfying experience since it enabled ICT Consulting to become a part of that pioneering and enthusiastic spirit that is typical of realities that are coming to life, and that are having to deal with a certain degree of impetuous frenzy when you develop something from the outset.


Drawing on the best graduates in the field – all trained in courses held by Prof. Decina at the Politecnico of Milan, ICT Consulting grew rapidly and soon reaching about fifty professionals. The growth in business for ICT Consulting swiftly exhausted the source of young engineers from the Politecnico and began placing advertisements in national newspapers in order to recruit the much-needed resources to deal with the numerous projects that were being set up.


From those historical beginnings of the liberalisation of the market, ICT Consulting has continued operating in the sector of information and telecommunications technology and has assisted manufacturing companies, operators focused on the supply of general and specialised services as well as companies making use of digital technologies by following the way forward of technological innovation and market transformations.


Over the years, ICT Consulting has transformed and adapted to countless internal changes, first among which was Prof. Decina leaving on the occasion of his nomination to the post of Commissioner of the AGCOM. A further external change was connected to the very dynamics of the sector that spurred a whole host of other numerous situations that had started off from the beginning with ICTC.


Over time, ICT Consulting has taken advantage of the contribution of over 200 brilliant engineers who, in the company’s projects, have created their own successful careers both on a domestic as well as an international level.


ICT Consulting has kept its actual position as a main player and has been recognised by the market itself for its high degree of professionalism, seriousness, reliability and ability to deal – with both wisdom and method – with the new challenges that have arisen from the continual and hard-driving stimulus of technological innovation.


ICT Consulting’s commitment continues with vigour and enthusiasm, studying the marvels of the new technologies and working hard to attain the utmost value for its clients, continuing to draw on the wise guidance of Mr Randi, our President, Mr Trecordi and our young partners Alessandro Soracco and Filippo Lucarelli, and, above all, on a group of extraordinary young people who with passion and intelligence are continuing to give their precious contribution to the digitalisation of the society and of the economy of our country.